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Alpha United FC
Alpha United.svg
Nickname(s) The Hammer
Ground Bourda Cricket Ground
Ground Capacity 22,000
President Odinga Lumumba
Head Coach Wayne Dover
League GFF National Super League
2013–14 1st
Website Club home page
Current season

Alpha United FC is a Guyanese football club based in Providence. The club competes in the GFF National Super League, the top league of football in Guyana. They were league champions in the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

In 2011, Alpha United gained recognition as being the first Guyanese football club to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League, North America's premier continental club tournament. Alpha United earned berth into the Champions League by finishing in third place in the subcontinental tournament, the CFU Club Championship, which they earned a berth into through winning the National Super League.[1]

They finished third in the 2011 CFU-CC and qualified for the Preliminary Round of the 2011–12 CONCACAF Champions League, becoming the first club from Guyana to play in the CONCACAF Champions League.[2] In the playoff for third place, Alpha United created history by beating Trinidad and Tobago's Defence Force on penalty kicks (4-3) after regulation and overtime failed to break the 1-1 deadlock.[3]

In their previous match, Alpha United met with the Puerto Rico Islanders in the 2011 CFU-CC semifinals, but after another regular time 1-1 draw, The Hammer succumbed to the 2010 Defending CFU-CC Champions 3-1 in the 30-minute overtime.[4]

In the Champions League, Alpha United traveled to Costa Rica to take on Herediano. In their first ever Champions League match, the side fell 8–0 managing only two shots on goal. The side fared better in the second leg, at one point taking a 2–0 lead before relinquishing the lead, and settling for a 2–2 draw and a subsequent elimination from the tournament, losing 2–10 on aggregates.

Alpha United also participated in the 2009 and 2010 CFU-CCs. In 2009, The Hammer lost to Haiti's Tempête FC in their 1st Round home and away tie. In 2010, they were eliminated by Trinidad and Tobago's San Juan Jabloteh in the 2nd Round Group Stage.


The origins of Alpha United FC are unknown,[5] as CONCACAF's records show their foundation date as "pending". According to Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation it appears that the club has been playing in Guyanese football competitions since the early to mid-2000s mounting their success in the later half of the 2000s. In 2009, Alpha United earned their first ever league title winning the Guyana National Football League and gaining subsequent entry into the CFU Club Championship.

Alpha United gained attention across the continent in 2011, when the club defeated the TT Pro League champions, Defence Force in the consolation match to earn a preliminary round berth in the CONCACAF Champions League, being the first ever Guyanese club in Champions League history to earn a berth.[6]

Colours and Badge[edit]

Alpha United's crest features a blue diamond with golden trim as the background. In front of the diamond is a hammer. Beneath the hammer, lies the club's motto, Unity With Strength. Above the hammer lies the club's name and their nickname, "The Hammer".


It is not known what stadium is Alpha United's permanent home, although Providence Stadium near Georgetown is serving as the host venue for United in the CONCACAF Champions League.


2014–15 CCL[edit]

Nacido / edad Nat. Valor de mercado 30

Dwayne Sandy Dwayne Sandy Portero 19/02/1989 (25) San Vicente y las Granadinas 25 miles € 1

Ronson Williams Ronson Williams Portero 15/07/1987 (27) Guyana 3

Howard Lowe Howard Lowe Abwehr 14/07/1979 (35) Guyana 75 miles € -

Anthony Harding Anthony Harding Abwehr 06/01/1984 (30) Guyana -

Issa McPherson Issa McPherson Abwehr 10/05/1980 (34) Guyana -

Ryan Crandon Ryan Crandon Abwehr 09/09/1991 (23) Guyana -

Brion Baker Brion Baker Abwehr 19/08/1988 (26) Guyana 4

Kris Camacho Kris Camacho Abwehr 06/09/1989 (25) Guyana 5

Quincy Madramootoo Quincy Madramootoo Abwehr 20/04/1986 (28) Guyana 6

Jamal Jack Jamal Jack Abwehr 17/12/1987 (26) Trinidad y Tobago 8

Adrian Mitchell Adrian Mitchell Abwehr 20/09/1979 (34) Jamaica 12

Selwyn Isaacs Selwyn Isaacs Abwehr 23/10/1980 (33) Guyana 16

Kelvin McKenzie Kelvin McKenzie Abwehr 02/02/1983 (31) Guyana 18

Kester Jacobs Kester Jacobs Abwehr 28/07/1987 (27) Guyana 20

Thrizen Leader Thrizen Leader Abwehr 03/07/1984 (30) San Cristóbal y Nieves 28

Wayne Ellis Wayne Ellis Abwehr 13/11/1981 (32) Jamaica 25

Caio Oliveira Caio Oliveira Defensa central 20/07/1987 (27) Brasil -

Leon Grumble Leon Grumble Mittelfeld 10/03/1986 (28) Guyana -

Shawn Bishop Shawn Bishop Mittelfeld 15/09/1979 (35) Guyana 2

Shavane Seaforth Shavane Seaforth Mittelfeld 19/02/1986 (28) Guyana 6

Cornelius Henry Cornelius Henry Mittelfeld 16/05/1987 (27) Jamaica 10

Manuel Vargas Manuel Vargas Mittelfeld 19/01/1991 (23) Panamá 12

Andrew Murray Andrew Murray Mittelfeld 20/03/1990 (24) Guyana 13

Travis Grant Travis Grant Mittelfeld 05/10/1983 (30) Guyana 14

Warren Gilkes Warren Gilkes Mittelfeld 02/10/1984 (29) Guyana 15

Philbert Moffat Philbert Moffat Mittelfeld 16/03/1986 (28) Guyana 19

Kirk Duckworth Kirk Duckworth Mittelfeld 17/07/1988 (26) Jamaica 23

Ramires Ramires Mittelfeld 13/01/1982 (32) Brasil 26

Aldair Paredes Aldair Paredes Mittelfeld 02/11/1994 (19) Panamá 27

Daniel Wilson Daniel Wilson Mittelfeld 01/11/1993 (20) Guyana 13

Lilo Lilo Interior derecho 27/05/1983 (31) Brasil 75 miles € 10

Anthony Abrams Anthony Abrams Sturm 03/10/1979 (34) Guyana 75 miles € -

Elton Brown Elton Brown Sturm 08/05/1982 (32) Guyana -

Devon Millington Devon Millington Sturm 11/12/1983 (30) Guyana -

Kevin Deerr Kevin Deerr Sturm 29/06/1980 (34) Jamaica 2

Quincy Adams Quincy Adams Sturm 07/01/1989 (25) Guyana 7

Manasseh Primo Manasseh Primo Sturm 01/04/1990 (24) Guyana 9

Dwight Peters Dwight Peters Sturm 23/08/1986 (28) Guyana 14

Anthony Benfield Anthony Benfield Sturm 10/12/1990 (23) Guyana 19

Jevon Francis Jevon Francis Sturm 29/05/1983 (31) San Cristóbal y Nieves 21

Sheldon Holder Sheldon Holder Sturm 30/09/1991 (22) Guyana 11

Gregory Richardson Gregory Richardson Delantero centro 16/06/1982 (32) Guyana 75 miles € 24

Kithson Bain Kithson Bain Delantero centro 26/05/1982 (32) Granada




League titles[edit]


  • Guyana Mayors Cup
    • Winners (2): 2007–08, 2013
  • Georgetown Regional Cup[7]
    • Winners (4): 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • GFF Super 8 Cup[7]
    • Winners (1): 2010
  • Kashif & Shanghai Cup[7][8]
    • Runners-up (1): 2009–10
  • NAMLICO Knock-out Tournament[7]
    • Winners (1): 2010

Performance in CONCACAF competitions[edit]

Alpha United's score listed first, as well as the home leg.

First Round v. Haiti Tempête -- 1:1, 0:2
First Round v. Cayman Islands Elite -- w/o
First Round v. Suriname WBC -- 1:1
First Round v. Guyana Defence Force -- 3:1
Second Round v. Trinidad and Tobago San Juan Jabloteh -- 0:2
Second Round v. Puerto Rico River Plate PR -- 1:1
Elimination stage 1 v. Antigua and Barbuda Bassa -- w/o
Elimination stage 2 v. Puerto Rico River Plate PR -- 0:0, 3:2
Semifinals v. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Islanders -- 1:3 (a.e.t)
Third Place Playoff v. Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force -- 1:1 (4:3 pen.)
Preliminary Round v. Costa Rica Herediano -- 2:2, 0:8
Group Stage v. Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force -- 2:0
Group Stage v. Jamaica Harbour View -- 1:0
Semifinals v. Haiti Valencia -- Cancelled
Group Stage v. Honduras Olimpia -- 0:1, TBD
Group Stage v. United States Portland Timbers -- 1:4, TBD

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