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Stable release 8.3.3 / December 10, 2004
Preview release 8.5
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Text editor
License Proprietary software
Website Home Page

Alphatk is a text editor that was originally inspired by the Mac OS-only editor, "Alpha", but which extended to run on any platform that Tk runs on: Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X.

Alphatk is most useful for:

It has very rich features to aid in writing and editing of the supported files types. As well as being useful for creating and editing such documents, Alphatk provides a host of facilities for communicating with compilers, diff, patch, version control systems, ftp sites, websites, etc.

A large part of Alphatk's functionality is provided by the open-source AlphaTcl library of code. There are several hundred thousand lines of code.

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