Alphius, Philadelphus and Cyrinus

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Saints Alphius, Philadelphus and Cyrinus
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Statues of saints Alphius, Philadelphus, Cyrinus
Died ~251 AD
Honored in
Roman Catholic Church;
Eastern Orthodox Church[1]
Feast 10 May
Attributes Alphius, Philadelphus, Cyrinus are depicted as three young men
Patronage Lentini; Trecastagni

Saints Alphius, Philadelphus and Cyrinus (Italian: Santi Alfio, Filadelfo e Cirino), martyrs in the Byzantine traditions of southern Italy, were three brothers from Vaste, in the diocese of Otranto, who died with their sister, Benedicta, during the persecution of Decius, ca 251 AD. The details concerning these martyrdoms are traditional, drawn up at a later date in the Benedictine Acta of Saint Alphius.

According to the Acta, Alphius, Philadelphus, Cyrinus, ranging in age from nineteen to twenty-one,and their sister Benedicta were arrested with other Christians during the persecutions under Decius. They were taken to Pozzuoli, near Naples, where one of the Christians, Onesimus, was executed. The brothers were taken on to Sicily, where they were martyred at Lentini; there they are among the patron saints. Alphius had his tongue torn from his mouth. Philadelphus was burned to death and Cyrinus was boiled alive. No details of her execution are given for Benedicta. Theirs feast day is 10 May.