Alphonse Grisel

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Alphonse Grisel
Sport Athletics, gymnastics

Alphonse Grisel was a French athlete and gymnast. He competed at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.[1]

Grisel placed fourth in his preliminary heat of the 100 metres and did not advance to the final.

He also competed in the 400 metres. The records are unclear as to whether Grisel or Kurt Dörry finished third out of the four-runner preliminary heat, but only the top two athletes in the heat advanced to the final regardless.

Grisel was one of nine athletes to compete in the long jump. The only information known about his placing in the event is that he was not one of the top four. Similarly, he was not among the top four out of the nine throwers of the discus.

In the gymnastics portion of the Games, Grisel competed in the parallel bars. He was not one of the winners, though his exact place in the field of entrants is unknown.


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