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The Alps Tour is a developmental professional golf tour for men which is sanctioned by the national golf associations of France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Morocco. Established in 2003, it is a third level tour, the highest level of men's golf in Europe being the European Tour, and the second level being the Challenge Tour. Other third level tours in Europe include the United Kingdom based PGA EuroPro Tour, the Germany based EPD Tour, and the Nordic League in the Nordic countries.

2007 Alps Tour events were scheduled to take place in the home countries of the five sanctioning countries. There are around twenty events a season and the total prize money for 2006 was just under one million Euros. Most of the players come from the tournament hosting countries. The top players on the Order of Merit win places at the European Tour Stage 2 Qualifying School (there are 3 stages), and the top 5 win limited playing privileges on the Challenge Tour. The Chairman of the Alps Tour is Donato di Ponziano.

Order of Merit winners[edit]

Year Player Country Points
2014 Nino Bertasio  Italy 31,994.20
2013 Jason Palmer  England 36,660.30
2012 Gareth Shaw  Northern Ireland 34,545.37
2011 Guillaume Cambis  France 30,123.83
2010 Matteo Delpodio  Italy 44,631.61
2009 Andrea Perrino  Italy 48,285.33
2008 Julien Grillon  France 31,045.40
2007 Julien Quesne  France 37,715.66
2006 François Calmels  France 32,817.50
2005 Cédric Menut  France 28,334.80
2004 Andrea Maestroni  Italy 28,334.80
2003 Emmanuele Lattanzi  Italy 25,856.88

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