Alroy Road Tracks

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Alroy Road Tracks
Studio album by The Duke Of Harringay
Released 1995
Label Spymania spy 002
Producer Tom Jenkinson

Alroy Road Tracks is an album credited to "The Duke Of Harringay", an alias for Squarepusher. The album was released on 12" vinyl format only, the second release on the Spymania label. All tracks were later released on the Squarepusher compilation Burningn'n Tree.

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. "Central Line" - 3:57
  2. "Sarcacid Part 1" - 5:56
  3. "Sarcacid Part 2" - 5:05

Side B

  1. "Nux Vomica" - 7:57
  2. "Toast For Hardy" - 9:23