Altarpiece of Saint Barbara

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Altarpiece of Saint Barbara
Retaule de Santa Bàrbara- Gonçal Peris Sarrià. MNAC.jpg
Artist Gonçal Peris Sarrià
Year Circa 1410–1425
Type Tempera and gold leaf on wood
Dimensions 278 cm × 207.7 cm × 17 cm (109 in × 81.8 in × 6.7 in)
Location Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

The Altarpiece of Saint Barbara is a painting by Gonçal Peris Sarrià conserved at the National Art Museum of Catalonia.[1]


This altarpiece is attributed to the painter Gonçal Peris Sarrià, one of the chief representatives of Valencian International Gothic. His style is marked by expressive and picturesque elements, the flowing line and the charm of the colour. The main compartment of the altarpiece represents the titular saint with her distinctive attributes –the tower, in allusion to her imprisonment, and the palm, as she is considered a martyr-- and above her the Calvary. On either side are depicted various episodes from the life of Saint Barbara, who was called on to keep away lightning and storms.[2]


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