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Altius Architecture Inc.
Industry Architecture
Founded 1998
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people Cathy Garrido
Trevor McIvor
Graham Smith
Employees 25

Altius Architecture Inc. is an architecture firm based in Toronto, Ontario that specializes in the design and construction of custom, contemporary, homes and cottages.[1] Taking cues from the landscape their designs are often derived from site features and solar orientation in the sustainable design process. Their contemporary projects combine elements of Canadian vernacular architecture with an emphasis on craftsmanship and materiality. The firms modern designs focus on sensitivity to site, thoughtful interiors and innovative sustainable design.[2] The Ontario Association of Architects selected Altius for the 2007 Best Emerging Practice Award in recognition for their effective strategies and entrprenural creativity in a firm that has been in practice for 5 years or less.[3]


Altius was founded by four partners, Cathy Garrido, Trevor McIvor and Graham Smith, and David Flynn, who met while studying at the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture in the 1990s. David Flynn left in 2005 to peruse his own endeavors. Interested in integrating their architectural practice with the traditional role of building, Altius took a central role in their projects acting as construction managers in addition to architectural designers. Altius Design Studio was founded in 1998 followed by Altius Architecture Inc in 2002.[4]

In 2007, the three partners of Altius Architecture Inc purchased 49% of Sustain Design Studio, and their flagship miniHome, a line of sustainable prefabricated homes. In 2009, the three partners acquired 100% of Sustain Design Studio and began expanding the miniHome into the California market.[5]

Most recently Altius participated in the public exhibition Big Enough at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre. Investigating the idea of space in the city the exhibition poses the question, how much space do we really need?[6]

Notable projects[edit]

A gallery of some of Altius Architecture's projects:


Year Organization Award Building
2005 OAA Award of Excellence for Multi Unit Residential[7] Dunn Avenue Triplex
2007 OAA Best Emerging Practice[3] -
2007 City of Toronto Green Toronto Design Award Finalist[8] -
2008 Canadian Wood Council Wood Works! Interior Design Award[9] Eels Lake Cottage
2008 Canadian Wood Council Wood Works! Architect Wood Advocate Award[9] -
2011 CanStrcution Honourable Mention[10] CANtinuum


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