Alto of Altomünster

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Saint Alto
Saint Alto awakens the Alto Spring. From a fresco by Joseph Magges, c. 1770, in the Church of St. Alto and St. Birgitta, Altomünster Abbey
Born Ireland
Died c. 760
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast 9 February

Saint Alto was the eponymous founder of Altomünster Abbey in about 750, a monastery in Bavaria around which a market town grew up, also called Altomünster.

Little is known about him: he is believed to have been a wandering Irish monk, and to have been a hermit at Munich and Augsburg. His feast day is celebrated on 9 February.

There is a Vita by Otloh of St. Emmeram of c. 1062.

A gospel lectionary made for Altomünster Abbey has a metal cover which was added to the manuscript in 1489, depicting one of Saint Alto's miracles.[1]


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