Altoman Vojinović

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Altoman Vojinović
Born Altoman Vojinović
Died 1363
Title Vojvoda
Religion Serbian Orthodox Christianity
Children Nikola Altomanović
Parents Vojvoda Vojin

Altoman Vojinović (Serbian: Алтоман Војиновић was a Duke (voivode, Vojvoda) of Zeta in the 14th century.

He was born the eldest son of Vojvoda Vojin, who had fought under Stefan Dečanski and Stefan Dušan.

He is believed to have died in 1363, but the last mention of him is in 1359.[1]

He married Ratislava, sister of Branko Mladenović, the Lord of Ohrid. He had a son, Nikola Altomanović

Titles of nobility
Title last held by
Uroš III
Duke of Hum
(Serbian Empire)

Succeeded by

Fall of Serbian Empire