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For the fictional weapon in Gundam meta-series, see XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam.
Altron Corporation
Type Private
Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded September 10, 1983
Headquarters Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Altron (株式会社アルトロン Kabushiki-Gaisha Arutoron) is a Japanese video game developer and publisher located in: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan and was founded in 1983. It has developed or published games for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo 3DS video game systems.


Nintendo 64[edit]


Sega Saturn[edit]

Super Famicom/SNES[edit]

Genesis/Mega Drive[edit]


Sega Dreamcast[edit]

Nintendo DS[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Boy[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Nintendo 3DS[edit]