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Altrusa International, Inc (Altrusa) is an international non-profit organization focused on community service. It was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1917 [1] by Dr. Alfred Durham as a chain of national clubs for business and professional women.[2][3]


In 1934 the organization became international when it started clubs in Mexico. In 1937 its first convention outside the United States took place in Cuernavaca, Mexico.[4] By 1950, Altrusa had 266 clubs with 28,600 women executives and professional leaders as members.[5]

In 1957, the organization had clubs in eight countries. Its program for service for 1957-1959, based on a survey of clubs, focused on traffic safety, expanded services for older people, and the need for youth guidance to reduce delinquency.[6]

In 1963, Altrusa had over 500 clubs in ten countries. The 1963-1965 program called for expanded vocational services to youth and older workers, more international relations programs and projects, and increased efforts to conserve human resources at all ages.[7]

Current status[edit]

As of January 2008, Altrusa had around 10,000 members in 383 clubs[8] from 13 countries, including Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.[9] It is an official observer to the United Nations, and an NGO with consultative status on the Roster of ECOSOC.[10]


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