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Altyazi is a Turkish movie magazine that focuses on the emerging Turkish movie industry while covering all the contemporary movies distributed in Turkey.

The magazine was created thanks to the efforts of Yamac Okur and his friends from Bogazici University. After second years, the offices of Altyazi were carried to Mithat Alam Film Center, a facility within Bogazici University.

Edited by Firat Yucel, the magazine appeals especially to readers interested in what is going on in different countries. In collaboration to Mithat Alam Film Center, the editors and writers of the magazine also organize panels, special screenings and events.

The magazine also hosted one of the notable significant efforts in ignitig comic book production in Turkey, especially during the six-month period the comics magazine Strip (which later became an independent publication named Rodeo Strip) and later when Cem Ozuduru did cartoons and illustrations in the critics pages.[citation needed]

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