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Coordinates: 23°32′07″S 47°15′44″W / 23.53528°S 47.26222°W / -23.53528; -47.26222

SaoPaulo Municip Aluminio.svg
State: São Paulo
Meso-region: Paulista Macro-Metropolitan
Microrregions: Sorocaba
Location: 23.5331/23°32'6" S,
47.6525/47°15'43" W
Area: 83.7 km²
Population: 16,019 (2004)
Ranked 293rd
Population density: 191.39/km²
Elevation: 790 m
Postal code: 18125-xxx
Area/distance code: (00)55-11
Population Statistics
Urban: 12,727
Rural: 1,525
Literacy rate: 92.98%
Distance from state capital: 74 km west

Alumínio (Portuguese meaning aluminum) is a Brazilian city of the state of São Paulo. The population in 2003 is 16,019 and the area is 83.7 km². Its latitude is 23.5331/23°32'6" S and the longitude is 47.5625/47°15'43" W The elevation is 790 m. Alumínio is located east of Sorocaba and is also a suburban area. The main employer in Alumínio is Companhia Brasileira de Aluminio.

Possui uma área de 83,70 km².


The history of the city starts with the Rodovalho Railway, named after Col. Antônio Proost Rodovalho, owner of a factory in Alumínio. His factory existed until 1920. Alumínio was part of São Roque city until Mairinque was emancipated as an independent city and yet, Alumínio was just a borough of Mairinque. In 1991, Alumínio was emancipated and became a city.

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Population history[edit]

Year Population Change Density
2001 15,252 - 182.22/km²
2005 16,018 - 191.39/km²


According to the 2000 IBGE Census, the population was 15,252, of which 13,727 are urban and 1,525 are rural. Its life expectancy for the city was 69.03 years. The literacy rate was at 92.89%.

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