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Aluminium Dross, a byproduct of the aluminium smelting process, can be mechanically recycled to separate the residual aluminium metal from the aluminium oxide.[1][2]

Thermo-Mechanical Metal Extraction[edit]

The mechanical process of recycling does not use any toxic chemicals previously used in the process of extracting the valuable aluminum in the dross.[3]

Hot Dross Processing System whereby the majority of metal is recovered without chemically reducing the aluminum oxides. The dross is first crushed then separated into aluminium metal rich particles and aluminium oxide rich particles based on density. The metal rich particles are then melted in a furnace to remove the remaining oxide particles.

Mechanical Extraction vs Chemical[edit]

Recycling aluminum dross mechanically is an environmental sensitive method, and is not toxic. This is a completely different from how aluminum metal used to be extracted from dross using an array of hazardous chemicals which resulted in a concentrated highly toxic 'salt cake' residual.[4]

An Example of a Recycling Facility[edit]

An operating Aluminum Dross Recycling Plant (news coverage)[5][6][7]

What can be made with the residual?[edit]

A variety of products can be made from the residual aluminum dross after it is recycled into aluminium oxide. See more information on aluminum oxide.[8] Aluminum oxide has a variety of industrial uses which includes being used in paint, dye, concrete, explosives, and fertilizer.[8][9][10]

Dross Recycling is Different[edit]

Aluminium dross recycling is a completely different process to strictly aluminium recycling. Aluminum recycling is where pure aluminum metal products (previously used in another form) are re-melted into aluminum ingots and then re-used to new aluminum products.[11] While Aluminum dross recycling is where the dross, a byproduct of the smelting process in the creation of aluminum from bauxite, can be mechanically recycled thus separating the residual aluminium metal from the aluminum oxide.[12]


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