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Alvand 2007.jpg
Elevation 3,570 m (11,710 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,654 m (5,427 ft)[1]
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Alvand is located in Iran
Location Hamedan, Iran
Range Zagros Mountains
Coordinates 34°39′51″N 48°29′12″E / 34.66417°N 48.48667°E / 34.66417; 48.48667Coordinates: 34°39′51″N 48°29′12″E / 34.66417°N 48.48667°E / 34.66417; 48.48667[1]

Alvand or Alvand Kuh (Persian: الوند‎) is a subrange of Zagros in western Iran. This mountain chain is located near Hamedan, with a summit of 3570 m, and consists mainly of intrusive rocks (granite, granitoid and diorite).

It belong to pro-Zagros range mountains. Alvand and Damavand are holy mountains in Iran. Kalagh-Laneh, Daem-Barf (English pronunciation: Dyem-Barf) and Ghezel-Arsalan mountains are situated at the west side of Alvand.

Alvand is newer form of *Harvant, (from Indo-European > Indo-Iranian root of *har), means "high", and vanta (akin to German "bund" and English bond, Persian and Kurdish "band," meaning "connected to" or "that of," "bound to" etc. Together, the compound stand for "That of height, grandeur, mighty." Also see Orontes River, the Orontids dynasty, "Alborz" Mountains and Mount "Elbrus" < *arburz.[citation needed]

Located in the range is the Ganj Nameh, a trilingual ancient inscription by kings Darius the Great and Xerxes I in the ancient languages Neo-Elamite, Neo-Babylonian, and Old Persian. It is 10 km south of Hamadan.


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