Alveran Records

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Alveran Records
AlveranRecords Logo.jpg
Founded 1995
Founder Sascha Franzen
Genre Metal
Country of origin Germany
Official website

Alveran Records was a German-based independent record label, founded in 1995 by Sascha Franzen, which releases a diverse variety of bands with different musical styles. Mainly focused on everything between metal and hardcore, there are also rock, emo and punk bands who find their way to the label's roster. Alveran is also the European partner for the US-based labels Eulogy Recordings and Hand of Hope Records. In April 2006, Alveran became the official partner of Abacus Recordings in Europe, providing Alveran the opportunity to release selected titles from the Abacus Recordings catalogue in Europe as partners.

Alveran was also organizer of the annual Pressure Festival in the Ruhrpott-Area, Germany, as well as numerous local shows. Alveran’s catalogue includes bands like Unearth, Bury Your Dead, Maroon, Morning Again, Evergreen Terrace and Until the End among many others.


Alveran Records releases were distributed through many well-known worldwide distributors, including but not limited to,, iTunes, Nokia Music Store, Napster, Virgin Mega, Vodafone Music Store, eMusic, and via their own website

Bands on Alveran with worldwide-deals[edit]

  • Copykill
  • Devil Inside (ger) / Jaylan
  • Do Or Die
  • Drift
  • End of Days
  • Eyes To The Sky
  • Inane
  • Liar
  • Maroon
  • Misery Speaks
  • Narziss
  • Nyari
  • Purified in Blood
  • The Casino Brawl
  • Settle the Score
  • Shattered Realm
  • Six Reasons To Kill

Bands on Alveran with Europe-only-deals[edit]

European Releases in Cooperation with Abacus Recordings[edit]

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