Always and Forever (film)

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Always and Forever
Directed by Kevin Connor
Produced by Larry Levinson Productions
Written by Riley Weston
Starring Dean McDermott
Rena Sofer
Barbara Eden
Country United States
Language English
Release date October 24, 2009 (2009-10-24)
Running time 86 minutes

Always and Forever is a Hallmark television film released in October 2009, starring Dean McDermott, Barbara Eden, and Rena Sofer. It was written by Riley Weston and directed by Kevin Connor. The movie runs 86 minutes and was produced by Larry Levinson Productions.[1]


A pair of high school sweethearts, Grace (Rena Sofer) and Michael (Dean Mcdermott), are reunited at a school reunion twenty years after they parted ways for her to go to college for interior design. They soon realize that their love has survived the years, but their renewed affection is complicated by Philip (Rob Boltin), Grace's current boyfriend, the meddling of Grace's mother (Barbara Eden), Graces son Scott, and Grace and Michael's assistants. In the end, however, their love is realized and they get married. (Also their assistants get married.)



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