Alyas Batman at Robin

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For the 1993 film, see Alyas Batman en Robin.
Alyas Batman at Robin
Directed by Paquito Toledo
Produced by D'lanor Productions
Written by Romy Espiritu
Marcelo Isidro
Starring Bob Soler
Lou Salvador Jr.
Nova Villa
Marion Douglas
Oscar Keesee
Distributed by D'lanor Productions
Release dates
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog / Filipino

Alyas Batman at Robin is an unauthorized 1965 Filipino Batman comedy-adventure film produced by the low-budget D'lanor Productions.

It stars famous Philippine actors such as Bob Soler as Batman who also starred as Captain Barbell and Phantom in other Filipino films, Lou Salvador, Jr, as Robin and actress Nova Villa.


Bob Soler as Batman
Lou Salvador Jr. as Robin
Nova Villa
Marion Douglas
Oscar Keesee
Nello Nayo
Pablo Virtuoso
Joe Garcia
Mary Walter
Angel Buenaventura
Vic Uematsu
Diego Guerrero

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