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Amal, Aimal or Emal may refer to:

  • Amal (given name)
  • Åmål, a small town in Sweden
  • Amal Express, a Somali money transfer company
  • Amal Movement, a Lebanese political party
  • Amal McCaskill (b. 1973), American basketball player
  • Amal Hijazi (b. 1978), Lebanese singer and pop icon
  • Amal Clooney [nee Alamuddin] (b. 1978), Lebanese-British lawyer, activist, and author
  • Amal language, a language of Papua New Guinea
  • Amal (film), award-winning 2007 film by Canadian director Richie Mehta
  • Amal (carburettor), a British-made motorcycle carburetor,
  • Amal International School, a school in Sri Lanka
  • Amal dynasty of Ostrogoths, or Amalings: see Amali
  • Aimala, a village in Finland
  • Mir Qazi also known as Mir Aimal Kansi, the perpetrator of the 1993 CIA shootings
  • AIMAll, a chemistry science software
  • Aimal Wardak, a Houston, TX-based lawyer for JohnsonTrent
  • AIMAL di Cenerini Luciano, an Italian company selling fire-equipment, subsidiary of Firetrace
  • Aimal Electronics Company Limited, a Chinese electronics and health company based in Shenzhen
  • Lamia Aimal, a Malaysian author known for writing fictitious books
  • Emal Gariwal, a Afghan football goalkeeper
  • AMOS Animation Language, a sublanguage of AMOS (programming language) on the Commodore Amiga family of home computers

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