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Amalteo, the name of an Italian family belonging to Oderzo, Treviso, several members of whom were distinguished in literature. The best known are three brothers, Geronimo (1507-1574), Giambattista (d. 1573) and Cornelio (1530-1603), whose Latin poems were published in one collection under the title Trium Fratrum Amaltheorum Carmina (Venice, 1627; Amst., 1689). The eldest brother, Geronimo, was a celebrated physician; the second, Giambattista, accompanied a Venetian embassy to England in 1554, and was secretary to Pius IV at the Council of Trent; the third, Cornelio, was a physician and secretary to the Republic of Ragusa.

The painter, Pomponio Amalteo, who painted in Oderzo likely comes from this family.