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Upper body shot of a young woman with long curly brown hair, she is wearing leather bra, skirt and hat.
Jennifer Sky as Amarice
First appearance Endgame
Last appearance Lifeblood (only mentioned through her name)'
Created by Robert Tapert
Portrayed by Jennifer Sky
Species Human
Occupation Amazon
Affiliation Xena, Gabrielle, the Amazons

Amarice is a fictional character in the popular TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. She is portrayed by the American actress Jennifer Sky.

Character history[edit]

Amarice is a malcontent Greek Amazon who appears to be partly responsible for the death of Ephiny, Regent Queen of the Amazons, by refusing to follow orders. Amarice's strong-will is tested when she searches out Gabrielle to return the Greek Amazon Queen to her tribe. Being bent on vengeance against Brutus for killing Ephiny, she believes an Amazon Queen should be prepared to fight and kill her enemies.[1] After giving her Right of Caste to Chilapa, Gabrielle and Xena leave the tribe with their new companion, Amarice. When captured by Caesar's troops, along with Eli, Gabrielle and Xena, she is defiant and nearly loses her life because of it. However, she manages to escape with Eli whilst Xena and Gabrielle face crucifixion.[2]

Amarice returns with Eli and Joxer to reclaim Xena and Gabrielle's bodies from the Romans.[3] When her friends are resurrected by Eli with assistance from angelic Callisto, she travels with them for a while. However, when they visit the Siberian Amazon tribe of the north in Siberia, Amarice's secret is revealed by the Amazon mystic Chi'ah; Amarice had never gone through the Amazon initiation, thus is not a true Amazon.[4] Although Gabrielle tells Amarice that this makes no difference to their friendship, Amarice decides to remain with the Northern Amazons to learn more about their ways. Amarice dies in battle while defending the tribe.[5]


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