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The title amauta (master or wise in quechua) refers to those who were engaged in formal education of the children of the nobility in the Inca empire.

According to Fray Martin de Murua the education was provided in the "Yachaywasi" or House of Knowledge, learning sites located in Cuzco where nobles enrolled students attended these training schools. Learning what's taught Amautas (teachers in the Inca empire) instructing future rulers moral standards, religious, historical and governance in the Inca Empire. They also taught math, science knowledge of the earth and the universe (Andean worldview), Inca history, religion (Inti or sun god) and the quechua language.

The "Yachaywasi" is a building was a high school founded by the inca named Inca Roca. These schools will be expanded as the empire grew, these schools attended by children of privilege of the nobility, the sons of the nobility and the sons of the inca, in this taught the Amautas place.


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