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Ambalangoda is located in Sri Lanka
Location in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 6°13′30″N 80°3′24″E / 6.22500°N 80.05667°E / 6.22500; 80.05667Coordinates: 6°13′30″N 80°3′24″E / 6.22500°N 80.05667°E / 6.22500; 80.05667
Country  Sri Lanka
Province Southern Province
District Galle District
Population (2001)
 • Total 21,573
Time zone +5.30
Area code(s) 091

Ambalangoda is a coastal town located in Galle District, Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Governed by an urban council, the town is famous for its ancient devil masks and devil dancers.[1]


Ambalangoda is served by Sri Lanka Railways' Coastal Line. Ambalangoda Railway Station is a major station on the line, and is connected to the major cities Colombo and Galle by rail. It is served by the A2 highway, which runs through the town. Kurundugahahetekma entrance of the E01 expressway is 13 km from Ambalangoda and it takes about 45 minutes to travel via the Southern Expressway from Ambalangoda to Kottawa, a suburb of Colombo.


Some of the schools situated in Ambalangoda are listed below.


Masks in Ambalangoda

The town is famous for masks & puppets. The traditional masks are carved from light Balsa like Kaduru wood (Nux vomica). Kaduru trees grow in the marshy lands bordering paddy fields. The wood is smoke dried for a week in preparation. The hand carved & hand painted masks in traditional dance dramas are vibrant & colorful. The colourful & vibrant naga raksha (Cobra demon) mask of the Raksha Kolama (Demon dance), consist of a ferocious face with bulging, popping & staring eyes, a bloodthirsty carnivorous tongue lolling out of wide mouth armoured & armed to the hilt with set of fanglike teeth, & all topped by a set of cobra hoods.[2]


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