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Ambadadori in 1976

Ambasadori were a Yugoslav pop band from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina active from 1968 until 1980. The band is most notable for representing Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest, and for having two future pop stars Zdravko Čolić (between 1969 and 1971) and Hari Varešanović as its one time singers.

Ambasadori were founded in 1968 by guitarist Slobodan Vujović who was the band's driving force and main songwriter all throughout its run. Right from the get go, most of their activity centered on competitive pop schlager festivals throughout SFR Yugoslavia. They soon started putting out their competitive festival entries as 7-inch (two-side) singles. The band's debut release "Plačem za tvojim usnama" / "Zapjevaj" came out in 1971 for Beograd disk label.

Ambasadori took part in 1976 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing one place before last.

Other Ambasadori members that came and went throughout the 1970s include various musicians active on the Sarajevo music scene at the time and after, such as trumpet player Krešimir "Keco" Vlašić (ex Pro Arte), singer Ismeta Dervoz (ex Kodeksi), drummer Perica Stojanović (ex Jutro), organist Vlado Pravdić, bassist Ivica Vinković, bassist Zlatko Hold, saxophonist Andrej "Lale" Stefanović, etc.

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