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Ambiel Music - Majorly Independent
Ambiel Music logo 2014.jpg
Parent company NJC Music
Founded 2007
Founder Gordon Mulrain and Nat Clarkson
Status Active
Distributor(s) The Orchard (company) (IODA merged with The Orchard 05/04/12) / Cygnus Distribution
Genre Pop music, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Rocktronica, Urban music, Rock music, Alternative music, Experimental music, Electronic music
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Suffolk
Official website Ambiel Music

Ambiel Music is a British independent record label.

Founded in April 2007, Ambiel Music [1] cater for up and coming artists and are a strong supporter of Independent music from several different genres and styles. Ambiel Music was originally launched as a Publishing company by Frances Shelley and Gordon Mulrain in 2007.

The debut release on the label was from Hummbug with the album Retro Suites,[2] it was released on 10 August 2009.[3]


Current roster (last 12 months)[edit]

Ambiel Music's current roster includes:[4]

  • Aletta
  • Blox
  • Chris Grabiec
  • Cosha Don
  • Mackadena (DVD Beat Company, Rotterdam)
  • NJC
  • The Decadent Futurists
  • Voodoo Browne

Previous roster and featured artists[edit]

  • Area 51 (Raptalk Records, Los Angeles)
  • Astroboy
  • Blackbombers
  • Bongo Chilli (aka Peppery)
  • Brendan Ware
  • Charlie Aris
  • Darien Prophecy
  • Flew Sneakypeaks
  • Frances Shelley
  • Innerheart
  • Innerheart Band
  • Hummbug
  • Irie J
  • Junior Kenna (DVD Beat Company, Rotterdam)
  • I'm Just Happy (Pikey Esquire & Leon Rhymes)
  • Irie J
  • Kyra Ja'e
  • Laura & The Boutique
  • Man From Reno
  • Maaga Marcus (Marcus Harris)
  • MC Random (Raptalk Records, Los Angeles)
  • Mr Lee
  • NJC & Innerheart
  • Sarah-Jayne
  • Stolen Peace
  • The Marvelous
  • The Prototype (Kev Willow)

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