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Feni Islands NASA.jpg
Feni Islands seen from space, with Ambitle (left) and Babase (right).
Elevation 450 m (1,480 ft)
Prominence 450 m (1,480 ft)
Location Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea
Coordinates 4°5′S 153°39′E / 4.083°S 153.650°E / -4.083; 153.650
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption 350 BCE ± 100 years

Ambitle is a volcanic island which, together with Babase, another volcanic island, is one of the two Feni Islands in the Bismarck Archipelago. The island is located within the Papua New Guinea's New Ireland Province, to the east of the island of New Ireland.

Ambitle is a stratovolcano, reaching 450 meters (1,476 feet) above sea level. It last erupted in about 350 BCE based on radiocarbon dating. Its caldera, 3 km or about 2 miles wide, contains thermal areas on its western side. Venting of hydrothermal water also occurs in coral reefs to the west of this island.

Topographic map of Feni Islands. Ambitle is the larger island on the left.

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