Ambrosius Gudko

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Ambrosius Gudko.

Ambrosius (in this world Vasiliy Gudko, in Russian Василий Гудко) (December 28, 1867 - August 9, 1918) bishop of Sarapul and Yelabug. He was canonized as a Russian Saint by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2000.


He graduated the Kholm Ecclesiastical Seminary and the St. Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy in 1893 with a Master's Degree in Theology.

Monk, Missionary, Teacher[edit]

  • 1893 headmaster of the catechist school in Altay.
  • 1897 head of the Korean Ecclesiastical Mission in position of archimandrite.
  • 1901 rector of the Volynskaya Ecclesiastical Seminary.

Vicarious bishop[edit]

  • On February 27, 1909 Baltsky Bishop, Vicar of the Podolsky Diocese.
  • On February 14, 1914 Sarapul Bishop, Vicar of the Vyatsky Diocese.
  • On October 5, 1916 Sarapul and Elabug Bishop, Vicar of the Vyatsky Diocese. (In this period, the Synod considered the question of dividing the Sarapul Vicariate into an independent Diocese, but that was not decided before the February Revolution.)

At the end of 1916 there began a conflict between some of Sarapul's social democrats and Bishop Ambrosius, as a result of which the bishop excluded Sarapul's liberal figures Mikhel (trustee of the Nikolaevsky Church Parish school) and Polyakov from Holy Communion. He was considered a supporter of the active preaching of Christianity among the Tatar population. He came out with sermons against alcohol; with his blessing, district brotherhoods for the fight against drunkenness were established in Sarapul and Elabug.

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