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Coordinates: 69°45′47″N 61°40′4″E / 69.76306°N 61.66778°E / 69.76306; 61.66778

Monument of Engineer Evgeny Livanov, Founder of Amderma (1933)

Amderma (Russian: Амдерма, lit. a walrus rookery in Nenets) is an urban-type settlement in Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located 490 km from Naryan-Mar on the coast of Kara Sea. It was established in 1933. Population: 650 (2002 Census); 5,100 (1989 Census); 2,900 (1968 est.). Fluorite deposits are located in the vicinity of Amderma, but the mines have been abandoned since the 1990s [1]. It is home to Amderma Airport, a civil airport and military base.

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