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Founded Aurec Information & Directory Systems (today known as Amdocs), Israel (1982)[1]
Founder Morris Kahn , Boaz Dotan

Chesterfield, Missouri, United States (corporate)

Saint Peter Port, Guernsey (registered office)
Key people
Eli Gelman, CEO, President
Tamar Rapaport-Dagim, CFO
Revenue IncreaseUS$3.35 billion (FY 2013)[2]
IncreaseUS$482 million (FY 2013)[2]
IncreaseUS$412 million (FY 2013)[2]
Number of employees
22,000 +
Slogan Embrace Challenge, Experience Success

Amdocs is a provider of software and services to more than 250 communications, media and entertainment service providers in more than 80 countries. Its CES (Customer Experience Solutions) span business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS) and network control and optimization offerings for multiple lines of business, including wireless, wireline, broadband, cable and satellite services. Amdocs' services include business consulting, managed services, systems integration, project delivery and testing. The company also offers advertising and media products and services for local marketing service providers, including directory publishers. These offerings enable the management of media selling, fulfillment, operations, consumer experiences and financial processes across digital and print media.

Amdocs maintains offices on 6 continents with support and development centers located worldwide, including Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Israel and the USA.[3]


The company was founded in 1982 as an offshoot of Golden Pages, the Israeli phone directory company, which was owned by the Aurec Group headed by Morris Kahn.[4] Together with others at Golden Pages, Kahn developed a billing software program for telecom companies and with Boaz Dotan established a company called Aurec Information & Directory Systems to market this product.[5][6] In 1985, Southwestern Bell Corporation acquired a 50 percent ownership share of Aurec Information, and its name was changed to Amdocs. Within two years, the Aurec Group sold off all its holdings in Amdocs for almost US$1 billion.[5]

Between 1990 and 1995 Amdocs took diversification steps, expanding first into the telephone arena and then the mobile space. The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1998 with a value of US$2.75 billion.[5] From 2002 to 2010 Amdocs expanded its product and services offerings, and through a series of acquisitions entered new markets and domains including OSS, cable and the financial services industry.

Amdocs' offerings are collectively called "Customer Experience Solutions" (CES), first introduced as CES 7.5 in January 2008. Amdocs CES encompasses the company's products, services and expertise.

CEO Timeline

  • In 1982, Boaz Dotan became Amdocs' first President and CEO
  • In 1995, Avi Naor replaced Boaz Dotan as President and CEO of Amdocs
  • In 2002, Dov Baharav replaced Avi Naor as Amdocs' President and CEO.[7]
  • In November 2010, Eli Gelman replaced Dov Baharav as Amdocs' President and CEO.[8]


  • September 1999: Acquired International Telecommunication Data Systems, Inc. (ITDS), the second largest telecom billing service bureau in the United States.
  • April 2000: Acquired outstanding stock options of Solect Technology Group, a developer of billing and administrative software for Internet service providers and mobile operators.
  • November 2001: Purchased the Clarify CRM assets from Nortel Networks.
  • February 2004: Purchased XACCT Technologies, a provider of mediation software for service providers.
  • July 2005: Purchased DST Innovis from DST Systems, a vendor that provides end-to-end customer care and billing for broadband, cable and satellite operators.
  • April 2006: Acquired Qpass, a Seattle-based company with an Austrian subsidiary that provides solutions for the marketing and merchandising of digital goods and services.
  • May 2006 Purchased Stibo Graphic Software, a Danish software company previously owned by The Stibo Group.
  • August 2006: Acquired Cramer Systems, a UK-based company that provides Operational Support Systems to service providers. This allowed Amdocs to become one of the very few companies to offer a complete BSS/OSS product suite.
  • February 2007: Purchased SigValue Technologies, an Israel-based vendor of prepaid billing systems for emerging market mobile operators.
  • April 2008: Acquired JacobsRimell, a privately held provider of customer-centric fulfillment solutions for the broadband cable industry.
  • November 2008: Acquired ChangingWorlds LTD., a privately held provider of personalization and intelligent portal solutions for mobile service providers.
  • October 2009: Acquired jNetX, a privately held service delivery platform (SDP) provider.
  • March 2010: Acquired MX Telecom, a leading mobile payments and messaging aggregator with operations in Europe, Australia and the US.
  • May 2010: Acquired Streamezzo, a mobile Internet application development platform provider.
  • August 2011: Acquired Bridgewater Systems, a publicly held provider of policy management and network control solutions for mobile and convergent service providers.
  • September 2013: Acquired Actix and entered the network control and optimization market.
  • December 2013: Acquired Telefónica MAS.
  • January 2014: Acquired Celcite to offer independent vendor-agnostic solutions for network management and RAN optimization.



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