Ameen Mian Qaudri

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Ameen Mian Quadri
Syed Ameen Miya Quadri.jpg
Nationality Indian
Education Doctorate
Alma mater Aligarh Muslim University
Occupation Spiritual & religious Leader of the Qadiriyya Barkatiya Silsila ; Ahlus Sunnah Sufis in India
Religion Sunni Islam; Sufi

Professor Syed Muhammad Ameen Mian Quadri or Qaudri is the present custodian (Sajjada Nasheen) of the Khaanqaah-e-Marehra Sharif (Sufi Khaanqaah) of the Barkatiya Silsila, a subgroup of the Indian Sufi Barelvi movement with 2,000,000 adherents.[1] He has been ranked 44th in the list of 500 most Influential Muslims of the world by the Amman, Jordan-based Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in collaboration with the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at the Georgetown University, Washington DC.[1][2]


On 6 August 2006, the English-language daily, Hindustan Times, described Ameen Mian Qaudri as the main leader of Ahle Sunnah. His silsila is known as Barkatiya which has a lineage from Qadri silasila of Baghdad. It is said that his silsila has following of around two million people in India and abroad. He has presided many large gatherings in India and abroad.[citation needed]

He has worked for the educational uplift of the Muslims of India, and started a chain of educational institutions in India with the prefix Al-Barkaat.[3]

Disciples of His Khankah-e-Barkatiya[edit]

Ahmad Raza’s discipleship to Sayyid Shah Al-e Rasul, a Sayyid and Pir of the Barkatiyya family based in a small town of Marahra near Aligarh, was of great importance to his life.[4]