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Ameer Buksh Khan Bhutto (Urdu: امیر بخش خان بھٹو ‎) is Vice President of the Sindh National Front and an ex-Member of the Sindh Assembly. He is the son of Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto.[1] [2]

He holds a B.A. in Politics, Economics & Law from the University of Buckingham and a M. Phil in International Relations from Cambridge University. He wrote a thesis titled "Of Knights and Harlots: The Role of the Superpowers in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War." He has also written dozens of articles published in English and Sindhi newspapers and magazines in Pakistan.

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Mitthibai Jinnahbhai
Jinnahbhai Poonja
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(b. 1919)
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(b. 1970)
Jehangir Wadia

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