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Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan - Present Shaikh of Naqshbandia Owaisiah Tariqa

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (born December 31, 1934 in British India) is Shaikh of the Islamic Naqshbandia Owaisiah of Tasawwuf/Sufism. He is a mufassir (commentator of the Quran)of 4 tafaseer-e-Quran; his tafaseer are “Israr-ul-Tanzeel, Akram-ul-Tafaseer, Akram-ul-Tarajim and Rab dian gallan”. He is a lecturer, a leader, a philosopher, and a reformist. His spiritual followers are spread all over the world, especially in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Canada, and Africa .

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan is dean of the Siqarah Education System, a unique System which integrates the teachings of Islam with education at both secondary and college levels and strives to transform its young students into enlightened, practical Muslims. It was inaugurated by President of Pakistan Zia ul haq in 1988.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan is the Patron-in Chief of Al-Murshid, a monthly magazine of the Islamic Naqsbandia Owaisiah Order of Tasawwuf/Sufism in Urdu. He regularly writes for the Magazine to provide guidance for seekers on the path of Tasawwuf/Sufism. He is also the Patron-in Chief of Al Falah Foundation, an organization established in 1989 for the welfare of the people, especially the poor, in Pakistan’s rural areas.

Tanzeem Al-Ikhwan[edit]

Tanzeem Al-Ikhwan Pakistan was founded in the early 1990s with a sole purpose of implementation of Islamic shariah in the country. It has raised the voice of Islamic system on several forums, and the current provision of Islamic banking in Pakistan is the result of the silent efforts of Tanzeem Al-Ikhwan. He has achieved the credit to translate the Holy Quran into Urdu language.

Writing by Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan[edit]



Books are in Urdu unless otherwise noted.

  1. Ghubar-e Rah 1 - Travelogue of visit to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, UK, US, Bangladesh, and northern areas of Pakistan
  2. Ghubar-e Rah 2
  3. Irshaad-us saalikeen 1
  4. Irshaad-us saalikeen 2
  5. Irshaad-us saalikeen 1 (English)
  6. Irshaad-us saalikeen 2 (English)
  7. Lataaif aur Tazkiya-e Nafs
  8. Diyar-e Habeeb main chand roz - Travelogue of visit to Madina and Makkah in Saudi Arabia
  9. Noor-o Bashar ke haqiqat
  10. Hayat-e Tayyiba (English)
  11. Kanz-ut Talibeen
  12. Raahi kurb-o bala
  13. Asr-e hazir ka imam
  14. Tareek e Nisbat-e Owaisiah
  15. Taalemat o Barakaat-e Nabuwat (Sal-Allaho-Alayhay-Wasallam)
  16. Ramooz-e-Dil (English)
  17. Kanooz-e-Dil (Shrah Ramooz-e-Dil) (the English Translation "Treasures of the Heart"


  1. Gard-e Safar
  2. Nishan-e Manzil
  3. Mata-e Faqeer
  4. Aas Jazeera
  5. Deeda-e Tarr
  6. Kon se aisi baat hui
  7. Soch Samandar
  8. Dil Darwaaza

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