Amelia Earhart's Last Flight

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"Amelia Earhart's Last Flight"
Song by David McEnery
Written July 3, 1937
Writer David McEnery
Language English
Recorded by Kinky Friedman
Faith Petric
Ronnie Lane
Jim Kweskin
The Greenbriar Boys

"Amelia Earhart's Last Flight" is a song written by Red River Dave McEnery shortly after Amelia Earhart's disappearance.[1] It has been believed to be the first song ever performed on commercial television (at the 1939 World's Fair).[citation needed]

It was copyrighted in 1939,[2][3] and was first performed by David McEnery on a pioneer television broadcast from the 1939 New York World's Fair.[4] It was recorded by McEnery in 1941.[citation needed]

It has maintained continued popularity since then, including covers by artists including Kinky Friedman, The Greenbriar Boys and the Country Gentlemen. Saskatoon-based band The Heartstrings covered the song, and used the second line of the chorus as the title of their 2009 album Far Away in a Land That is Fair.


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