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Amelie Posse-Brázdová (11 February 1884 in Stockholm – 3 March 1957) was a Swedish author. She is also known for her work against nazism during World War II.

Amelie Posse was the daughter of Count Fredrik Arvidsson Posse and Auda Gunhild Wenneberg. She was married to the criminal psychologist Andreas Bjerre in 1904–1912 and to the Czech artist Oskar (nicknamed Oki) Brázda (1887–1977) from 1915, and became the mother of (Bohuslav (Slavo) 9/13/1916-1991;RAF pilot) & the artist Jan Brazda(12/4/1917-2012).

During her second marriage, she lived in the Vatican some 7 years,& thenCzechoslovakia on the manor Líčkov. She became known as a democrat and a pacifist in her work and was a friend of president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. In 1938, she returned to Sweden after an order for her arrest had been issued by the Gestapo. In 1940, she was one of the founders of the discussionclub Tisdagsklubben ("The Tuesday Club") in Stockholm. It was formally a discussion-club about culture, but its true purpose was to work against the expansion of nazism in Sweden. The club was in fact inaugurated the same day Nazi Germany occupied Norway, the 9 April 1940. Tisdagsklubben was to be used as the center of the Swedish resistance movement in the case Sweden was ever occupied by Nazi Germany. Amelie Posse was, like other members of the club, listed in German records as "Untrustworthy Swedes".


  • Den oförlikneliga fångenskapen, 1931.
  • Den brokiga friheten, 1932.
  • Ned med vapnen! En kampsignal mot kriget, 1935.
  • Vidare, 1936.
  • I begynnelsen var ljuset, 1940.
  • Bygga upp, ej riva neder, 1942.
  • Mellan slagen, 1946.
  • Kring kunskapens träd, 1946.
  • Kunskapens träd i blom, 1946.
  • Åtskilligt kan nu sägas, 1949.
  • Minnenas park, 1954.
  • När järnridån föll över Prag, postumt utgiven 1968 under redigering av Barbro Alving.

Her work are translated to English, Danish and Czech.


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