Amenemhet VI

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See Amenemhat, for other individuals with this name.

Seankhibre Ameny Antef Amenemhet VI is listed as eighth king of the Thirteenth Dynasty according to the Turin Canon and appears there with his throne name Seankkibre.[2]


He had the throne name Seankkibre and is known from a few sources. An offering table found at Karnak provides his full titulary. An architrave comes from a private tomb at Heliopolis. The inscription mentions the cemetery of Heliopolis. Some scolars regard his triple name as filiation.[3]

Block with the names of the Thirteenth Dynasty king Seankhibre; found at Heliopolis and once belonging to a private tomb


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Preceded by
Pharaoh of Egypt
Thirteenth Dynasty
Succeeded by
Semenkare Nebnuni