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Amercentrale Geertruidenberg.jpg
view from Geertruidenberg
Amercentrale is located in Netherlands
Location of Amercentrale within the Netherlands
Country Netherlands
Location Geertruidenberg
Coordinates 51°42′34″N 4°50′36″E / 51.70944°N 4.84333°E / 51.70944; 4.84333Coordinates: 51°42′34″N 4°50′36″E / 51.70944°N 4.84333°E / 51.70944; 4.84333
Commission date 1952
Owner(s) RWE
Power generation
Primary fuel Coal

The Amercentrale is a coal-fired power plant of Essent in the municipality Geertruidenberg. The plant is named after the Amer River and is located on the left bank of this river. In 1952 Unit 1 of the first Amercentrale began generating electricity. The much smaller Dongecentrale is located near the Amercentrale.

Technical specifications[edit]

The power plant consists of 2 units together generating 1245 MW of power and 600 MW of heat generated for heating homes and greenhouses. The plant provides a large part of southern Netherlands of electricity and also supplies heat to the horticultural areas. There are currently four units, peak load units 6-7, unit 8 (in operation since 1980) and unit 9 (in operation since 1993). Only the latter two are currently in use. Currently plans are being developed to build a new coal and biomass-fired unit of about 800 MW.


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