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America's Best Dance Crew
Season 7
Broadcast from April 11, 2012 – June 13, 2012
Judges JC Chasez
Lil Mama
Host(s) Mario Lopez
Broadcaster MTV

The seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew, also known as America's Best Dance Crew: Return of the Superstars, premiered on April 11, 2012 and concluded on June 13, 2012.[1] Auditions were held in four cities through January 2012: Chicago, Houston, New York, and Los Angeles. Ten dance crews were selected to compete for the title of America's Best Dance Crew. Return of the Superstars utilizes the same show format of the previous season, in which the crews performed to the music of one specific artist each week.[2] This season's featured artists included Rihanna, Britney Spears, Madonna, Pitbull, David Guetta, LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Flo Rida, and Katy Perry.[3]

In the live season finale, Elektrolytes was declared the winner of Season 7 and received the $100,000 (USD) prize.


The details about the ABDC Season 7 casting auditions were revealed through the show's casting website. Similar to the previous season, there was no age restriction. Dance crews who had previously competed on the show were also encouraged to audition again. In promotion of Season 7, District 78 released the master mixes of the songs used for the callbacks at each of the four audition cities on their official website. The audition dates and locations are as follows:

Venue City Date Callback Song
Superior St. Chicago, Illinois January 13, 2012 "Niggas in Paris" by Kanye West and Jay-Z
SoReal Dance Studio Houston, Texas January 15, 2012 "Rain Over Me" by Pitbull
S.I.R. Studios New York, New York January 21, 2012 "T.H.E." by featuring Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez
CenterStaging Los Angeles, California January 28, 2012 "Sexy And I Know It" by LMFAO


The cast of the seventh season of ABDC consists of nine new dance crews and one returning crew. The appearance of Fanny Pak, who were originally contestants in the second season of ABDC, marks the first time a crew has appeared to compete on the show a second time.[1] The following information is provided by the official MTV website. Each dance crew's hometown and representative region were displayed on their banner during the course of the competition.

Dance Crew Hometown Region
8 Flavahz Honolulu, Hawaii Pacific
Collizion Crew Atlanta, Georgia South
Elektrolytes Gilbert, Arizona West
Fanny Pak San Fernando Valley, California West
Funkdation Monterrey, Mexico Sur
Irratik Montreal, Canada North
Mix'd Elements North Hollywood, California West
Mos Wanted Crew Los Angeles, California West
Rated Next Generation Mukilteo, Washington Northwest
Stepboys Roseville, California West


Eliminated Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Runner-up Winner
Week: 4/111 4/18 4/25 5/2 5/9 5/162 5/23 5/30 6/6 6/13
Rank Dance Crews Result
1 Elektrolytes BTM2 BTM2 WINNER
2 8 Flavahz BTM2 RUNNER-UP
3 Mos Wanted Crew ELIM
4 Rated Next Generation BTM3 BTM2 ELIM
5 Fanny Pak BTM2 BTM3 BTM2 ELIM
6 Collizion Crew BTM3 ELIM
7 Stepboys ELIM
8 Funkdation BTM2 ELIM
10 Mix'd Elements BTM2 ELIM
^Note 1 : The bottom crew from the first episode battled the bottom crew from the
second episode to determine the first elimination of the season.
^Note 2 : The judges saved both bottom crews from elimination.


  • Beginning with the Top 5 crews, each eliminated crew received a video montage of their journey on the show set to "Farewell" by Rihanna.

Week 1: Britney Spears Challenge (April 11, 2012)[edit]

The season kicked off with the first round of crews dancing to a mastermix of "I Wanna Go".[4] Then, the crews incorporated her hits into their routines. The judges selected four crews to advance to the next round, while the crew who did not make the cut would face elimination in the following week's episode.[5]

Dance Crew Song[4]
8 Flavahz "3"
Mix'd Elements "Till the World Ends"
Irratik "Hold It Against Me"
Stepboys "If U Seek Amy"
Fanny Pak "Womanizer"
  • Safe: Fanny Pak, 8 Flavahz, Irratik, Stepboys
  • Bottom: Mix'd Elements

Week 2: Flo Rida Challenge (April 18, 2012)[edit]

The other five competing crews danced to "Wild Ones" featuring Sia, with Flo Rida performing alongside with them.[6] Flo Rida then joined the judges table as a special guest judge. Later, the crews crafted their own routines inspired by his hits. After the judges decided the four dance crews that were safe, the bottom crew battled Mix'd Elements to a mastermix of "Turn Around" to determine which one would be the first eliminated.[7]

Dance Crew Song[6]
Elektrolytes "Club Can't Handle Me" featuring David Guetta
Rated Next Generation "Right Round" featuring Kesha
Collizion Crew "Low" featuring T-Pain
Funkdation "Good Feeling"
Mos Wanted Crew "In the Ayer" featuring
  • Safe: Mos Wanted Crew, Collizion Crew, Rated Next Generation, Elektrolytes
  • Bottom: Funkdation
  • Eliminated: Mix'd Elements

Week 3: Madonna Challenge (April 25, 2012)[edit]

The nine remaining crews choreograph routines inspired by Madonna's most iconic music videos.[8] Each crew had to incorporate their music video's signature dance style into their routine. In this episode, two teams were sent home after a double-elimination.[9]

Dance Crew Song[10] Dance Style
Fanny Pak "Girl Gone Wild" Waacking
Elektrolytes "Hung Up" Krumping
Mos Wanted Crew "4 Minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland Popping
8 Flavahz "Vogue" Voguing
Rated Next Generation "Human Nature" Thrashing
Stepboys "Ray Of Light" Spazzing
Collizion Crew "Don't Tell Me" Country Line Dancing
Funkdation "Give Me All Your Luvin'" featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Cheerleading
Irratik "Express Yourself" Jazz Steps
  • Safe: Fanny Pak, Elektrolytes, Mos Wanted Crew, 8 Flavahz, Rated Next Generation, Stepboys
  • Bottom 3: Collizion Crew, Funkdation, Irratik
  • Eliminated: Funkdation, Irratik

Week 4: Drake Challenge (May 2, 2012)[edit]

The seven remaining crews choreograph routines inspired by Drake songs.[11] In addition, each crew had to select a lyric from their assigned song and "bring it to life."

Dance Crew Song[12] Chosen Lyric Challenge
Rated Next Generation "HYFR" featuring Lil Wayne "Time for me to revisit the past" Perform a section of the routine in reverse
Mos Wanted Crew "The Motto" featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga "Tell Tune 'Light one, pass it like a relay'" Create a relay
8 Flavahz "Find Your Love" "I bet if I give all my lovin', nothin's gonna tear us apart" Become connected at some point
Collizion Crew "Over" "So I'm riding through this city with my high beams on" Create a car
Elektrolytes "Headlines" "Floating in and out of consciousness" Create the illusion that someone is levitating
Fanny Pak "Make Me Proud" featuring Nicki Minaj "Running on a treadmill and only eating salad" Create a treadmill
Stepboys "Best I Ever Had" "Every single show she out there reppin' like a mascot" Incorporate a mascot
  • Safe: Rated Next Generation, Mos Wanted Crew, 8 Flavahz, Collizion Crew, Elektrolytes
  • Bottom 2: Fanny Pak, Stepboys
  • Eliminated: Stepboys

Week 5: Jennifer Lopez Challenge (May 9, 2012)[edit]

The six remaining crews paid tribute to Jennifer Lopez. Her own choreographer, Beau "Casper" Smart, worked with the crews during rehearsals. Each crew's challenge was to highlight a defining moment in J.Lo's career. Smart also gave them an additional challenge that linked to their initial challenge.[13] Pauly D also made an appearance as a guest DJ.

Dance Crew Song[14] Initial Challenge Additional Challenge
8 Flavahz "Let's Get Loud" Incorporate salsa dancing Incorporate trumpets
Mos Wanted Crew "On the Floor" featuring Pitbull Incorporate floorwork Hype the audience
Elektrolytes "Get Right" Create a moving subway car Incorporate canes
Collizion Crew "Jenny from the Block" featuring Styles P and Jadakiss Incorporate popping, locking, and b-boy moves Perform a specific J.Lo move
Rated Next Generation "Do It Well" Incorporate the New Jack Swing dance style Perform the move called "The Wop"
Fanny Pak "Waiting for Tonight" Change clothes during the routine Incorporate a four-man lift
  • Safe: 8 Flavahz, Mos Wanted Crew, Elektrolytes
  • Bottom 3: Collizion Crew, Rated Next Generation, Fanny Pak
  • Eliminated: Collizion Crew

Week 6: Pitbull Challenge (May 16, 2012)[edit]

The five remaining dance crews began the episode with a dance number to "I Like: The Remix" featuring Enrique Iglesias and The WAV.s, alongside Season 6 runner-up ICONic Boyz.[15] Then, each crew was given a country and an international dance style to incorporate into routines that were set to the music of Pitbull.[16] In a two-way tie, the Bottom 2 crews advanced to the next round, marking the first time the judges saved both bottom crews from elimination.[17]

Dance Crew Song[15] Country Dance Style
Elektrolytes "I Know You Want Me" Brazil Capoeira
8 Flavahz "Hey Baby" featuring T-Pain France Can-can
Mos Wanted Crew "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer Russia Barynya
Fanny Pak "International Love" featuring Chris Brown India Bollywood
Rated Next Generation "Hotel Room Service" China Dance of 1000 Hands
  • Safe: Elektrolytes, 8 Flavahz, Mos Wanted Crew
  • Bottom 2: Fanny Pak, Rated Next Generation
  • Eliminated: None

Week 7: Rihanna Challenge (May 23, 2012)[edit]

The five remaining crews created dance routines inspired by Rihanna, beginning with a group performance to "We Found Love" featuring Calvin Harris.[18][19] Unlike last season, where her choreographer distributed the challenges, Rihanna delivered them to the crews herself.

Dance Crew Song[19] Challenge
Rated Next Generation "You da One" Incorporate tricks using bowler hats
8 Flavahz "Birthday Cake" Create a fire effect and extinguish it
Mos Wanted Crew "Cockiness" Use jackets to create pictures of confidence
Elektrolytes "Where Have You Been" Incorporate a microphone stand
Fanny Pak "Talk That Talk" featuring Jay-Z Incorporate color guard rifle spins
  • Safe: Rated Next Generation, 8 Flavahz, Mos Wanted Crew
  • Bottom 2: Elektrolytes, Fanny Pak
  • Eliminated: Fanny Pak

Week 8: LMFAO Challenge (May 30, 2012)[edit]

The four remaining crews danced to songs by LMFAO, beginning with a group performance to "Live My Life" by Far East Movement featuring Justin Bieber.[20] Redfoo from LMFAO handed out the dance challenges, and Season 3 champion Quest Crew visited the rehearsal studio to work with the crews.[21]

Dance Crew Song[20] Challenge
Mos Wanted Crew "Sexy and I Know It" Create a catwalk with wiggle-inspired runway modeling
Elektrolytes "Champagne Showers" featuring Natalia Kills Perform robotic moves while transforming into a giant robot
Rated Next Generation "Sorry for Party Rocking" Recreate the 15-second dance breakdown from the video
8 Flavahz "Party Rock Anthem" featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock Recreate the group blow-up from the video, and incorporate "The T-step" and "The Spongebob"
  • Safe: Mos Wanted Crew, Elektrolytes
  • Bottom 2: Rated Next Generation, 8 Flavahz
  • Eliminated: Rated Next Generation

Week 9: David Guetta Challenge (June 6, 2012)[edit]

The top three crews competed for the two spots in the championship round to the music of David Guetta.[22] Unlike the format for previous episodes, the crews performed first before the voting results were revealed. Guetta gave each crew the same mastermix and challenges to incorporate into their routines. Then, they did a group number to "Titanium" featuring Sia.[23]

Song[23] Challenge
"Memories" featuring Kid Cudi Gloving
"Turn Me On" featuring Nicki Minaj Move like dolls
"Without You" featuring Usher Gliding
  • Safe: 8 Flavahz
  • Bottom 2: Elektrolytes, Mos Wanted Crew

After the Bottom 2 was announced, the two crews had to dance battle to determine which one would advance to the finale.

Dance Crew Song[23]
Mos Wanted Crew "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye featuring Kimbra
Elektrolytes "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris
  • Eliminated: Mos Wanted Crew

Week 10: Katy Perry Superstar Finale (June 13, 2012)[edit]

The final two crews danced to music from the upcoming concert film, Katy Perry: Part of Me, after meeting the pop starlet. Then, America's Best Dance Crew was crowned. The hour also featured performances by past champions.[24]

Dance Crew(s) Song[25]
8 Flavahz and Elektrolytes "Wide Awake"
Elektrolytes and Poreotix "Part of Me"
8 Flavahz and We Are Heroes "T.G.I.F." featuring Missy Elliott
I aM mE "E.T." featuring Kanye West
Elektrolytes "Starships" by Nicki Minaj
  • Winner: Elektrolytes
  • Runner-up: 8 Flavahz


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