America's Next Top Model (cycle 21)

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America's Next Top Model:
Guys & Girls
(cycle 21)
Cycle 21 cast
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes TBA
Original channel The CW
Original run August 18, 2014 – present
Additional information
No. of contestants 14 [1]
Season chronology
Season summary

The twenty-first cycle of America's Next Top Model (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls) premiered on August 18, 2014. It is the 15th season to air on The CW, the 2nd season to feature both male and female contestants, and the first ever franchise to have 2 special seasons. Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone will retain their positions on the judging panel. Runway coach J. Alexander will return to the show replacing former judge Rob Evans while creative director Johnny Wujek will be succeeded by photographer Yu Tsai. In keeping with the last two cycles, social media is a factor in eliminations, with public voting taking place on the show's official page.[1]

The semifinalists were revealed on the America's Next Top Model Instagram page[2] while the fourteen finalists were revealed when voting began.[3]

The international destination for this cycle is Seoul, South Korea.[4] Five of the episodes are filmed in Seoul, one of which features James of Royal Pirates, and the finale will have guest appearances from K-pop girl group 2NE1, boy band BTOB, actor and model Lee Soo-hyuk and fashion designer Lie Sang Bong.[5][6][7]


Returning prizes include: a modeling contract with NEXT Model Management, a spread in Nylon magazine, and a US$100,000 campaign with Guess

Episode summaries[edit]

The Boyz R Back[edit]

Original Airdate: August 18, 2014[8][9]

The season begins with thirty-one hopefuls being flown to Los Angeles for an inaugural runway show. Cycle twenty contestant Cory Hindorff and Tyra Banks reveal that runway coach J. Alexander is back on the judging panel.

Immediately afterwards, the models square off in pairs on the runway. Their assignment is to take selfies on the runway for people on social media to see. After the runway show, each contestant is interviewed by the judges before the first cut is made. One of the models, Jamie Rae, arrives several hours after the runway show has concluded.

The following day, all of them are taken to a bowling alley for elimination. Each semi finalist is asked to bowl in order to reveal what is on the score screen. Those who will continue for the second week of casting are greeted with a mark of approval on the screen. Those who have been eliminated are met with a rejection notice. At the conclusion of the episode, the contestants are reminded that only fourteen contestants will make the final cast and move into the top model home.

The Guy Who Gets a Second Chance[edit]

Original Airdate: August 25,2014[10][11]

  • Special guests:

The Comeback Series[edit]

Keeping with the previous two seasons, The Comeback Series returned online. After his withdrawal from the show, Bryanboy did not return to host the web series. The new series will follow the eliminated models as they participate in the photo shoots. The number of contestants that were brought back as cast members during filming as a result of the public vote average remains unknown, and has not been revealed to the public.


(Still in the running unless stated otherwise & ages stated are at time of contest)[12]

Contestant Age Height Hometown Outcome
Adam Smith[13] 26 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Memphis, Tennessee (heritage from Malaysia)
Ben Schreen[14] 24 1.92 m (6 ft 3 12 in) Waverly, Iowa
Chantelle Young[15] 19 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Toronto, Ontario
Denzel Wells[16] 23 1.79 m (5 ft 10 12 in) Houston, Texas
Ivy Timlin[17] 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Buffalo, New York
Kari Calhoun[18] 23 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Coppell, Texas
Keith Carlos[19] 26 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Bridgeport, Connecticut
Lenox Tillman[20] 19 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Newnan, Georgia
Matthew Smith[21] 24 1.94 m (6 ft 4 12 in) Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Mirjana Puhar[22] 18 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Charlotte, North Carolina (originally from Serbia)
Raelia Lewis[23] 22 1.84 m (6 ft 12 in) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Romeo Tostado[24] 23 1.82 m (5 ft 11 12 in) Salinas, California
Andrea "Shei" Phan[25] 22 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (heritage from Vietnam)
William "Will" Jardell[26] 23 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in) Nederland, Texas


Call-out Order[edit]

Tyra’s Call-out Order
Order Episodes
     The contestant was eliminated

Scoring chart[edit]

Model Episode Scores Total Score Average
     Indicates the contestant had the highest score that week
     Indicates the contestant was eliminated that week.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]


The premiere of the twenty-first season was the CW's most watched Monday night show since 2011. It was The CW's highest rated Monday night show in ages 18-49 (0.6/2) in almost two years (December 17 2012, Gossip Girl finale) and its highest rated Monday in ages 18-34 (0.6/2) since February 4, 2013.[27]

No. in
No. in
Episode Air Date Viewers (m) 18-49
258 1 "The Boyz R Back" August 18, 2014 (2014-08-18) 1.49 0.4/1 [27]


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