American Bilingual School

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American Baccalaureate School
Abraq Khaitan, Kuwait
Type Private
Motto Education for the Real World
Religious affiliation(s) Islamic
Established 2006
Enrollment 1200 total
Average class size 25 students maximum
Campus Urban

The American Baccalaureate School in Kuwait is a K-12 school offering a bilingual curriculum. It has separate but adjacent boy's and girl's campuses.



The American Baccalaureate School is a non-profit K-12 school offering a challenging American curriculum enabling students to achieve their fullest social, intellectual, emotional and physical potential. Our intellectual community teaches Islamic values and good manners, is dedicated to academic excellence, demands responsibility and promotes the power of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Campus Facilities and Technology at ABS

ABS Incorporates 25,000 square meters housing the Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School departments. The technology-centered campus includes the following amenities:

   • Over 120 classrooms
   • Campus-wide internet connectivity
   • 7 Computer Labs
   • Fully networked classrooms equipped with Promethean Interactive Whiteboards
   • 2 swimming pools
   • 2 cafeterias serving hot meals, and fresh snack options
   • Specialist rooms for culinary arts, music, art, and Islamic studies
   • 4 semi-covered playground areas with basketball hoops, soccer goals, and organized lunchtime sport activities
   • Outdoor Astroturf soccer-pitch
   • Separate buildings for each department

Technology at ABS

ABS is committed to the integration of technology to enhance, facilitate, and support teaching and learning. Such technology provides additional tools for presenting material and enhancing the learning experience for our students.

Improved school-to-home communication

ABS’s web portal enhances parental involvement and school-to-home communication. The ABS web portal allows parents instant access to up-to-date progress reports for all subjects studied by their child. Parents can view their children's up-to-date grades, weekly lesson plans, homework assignments, missing assignments, tests, quizzes, attendance details, discipline reports, and more online.

   • Secure: Protects private information with managed firewalls and state-of-the-art encryption technology.
   • All parents are provided with their own login and password for the ABS website.
   • Online grades: Parents can view and monitor their children's assignments, test scores and grades.
   • Improved student performance because Parents are aware of missed assignments or low grades early on, so problems can be addressed and corrected before they become serious.
   • Email Alerts: Parents can sign up to receive secure email alerts that notify them when new reports (like grades, financial invoices, and attendance) are posted to ABS website.
   • Discipline data is available online for secure and private viewing by students and parents. Parents can logon to securely view the child's discipline information. Clicking on a discipline incident brings up related details.

Culinary Arts Culinary Arts is an art as much as Science. In our Culinary Arts Class students learn about Food Science, Nutrition, Chemistry and Food production and preparation. Students spend time studying the chemical reactions that take place when a certain ingredients are heated, boiled or frozen and how they interact with other ingredients to the overall outcome of the dish. Culinary students are taught to skillfully prepare meals that are pleasing to both the eye and palate.


ABS offers students a state-of-the-art athletic facility that is unmatched by any private school in Kuwait. The facility is purposely-built for separation of male and female students with separate entrances and exits for boys and girls. At ABS, the newly-built 2,500m2 gymnasium includes a heated indoor semi-olympic size swimming pool, and a 1,200m2 area for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, and handball. There are 4 separate changing rooms, shower areas, and offices throughout the facility.


The ABS library is fully automated with the Follett system; all transactions are handled electronically. The library is a place which ABS students go to borrow books, learn library skills, obtain access to information from a variety of sources, perform research, hear read-aloud stories, talk with the librarian about books, or just enjoy a quiet place to read.