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The American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) speaks for American business committed to Europe on trade, investment and competitiveness issues. It aims to ensure a growth-orientated business and investment climate in Europe. AmCham EU facilitates the resolution of transatlantic issues that impact business and plays a role in creating better understanding of EU and US positions on business matters. Aggregate US investment totalled €2 trillion in 2013 and directly supports more than 4.3 million jobs in Europe.

AmCham EU is dedicated to promoting jobs and growth in Europe as well as helping its member companies build relationships and interact with decision-makers throughout Europe. It aims at influencing the EU Policy Agenda by creating dialogue and debate, and by boosting company profiles.


The American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union has its roots in the committee structure of the American Chamber of Commerce to Belgium. Starting off in the form of the ‘Common Market Panel’ in the early 1960s, the organisation evolved over the years first to the ‘EEC Committee’ in 1978, then to the ‘EU Committee’ in 1995.

The EU Committee changed its name to AmCham EU in 2003 and became an independent organisation on January 1st 2004. In 2013, it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

AmCham EU is a Belgian not-for-profit organisation with its own secretariat and annual budget. AmCham EU has an Executive Council, a group of executives responsible for European operations of US multinationals.

Role and Purpose[edit]

The primary purpose of both AmCham EU and the Executive Council is to play an active role in the successful development of the Single Market throughout all EU Member States. They therefore direct their energies towards the EU institutions, the EU Member States, the wider Europe and the US.

AmCham EU is valued as an independent source of quality information and analysis. This reputation has helped the organisation to build and benefit from close ties with EU officials. Through participation in working policy groups, members prioritise issues, develop position papers, organise meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences which provide a platform for open exchange of information and ideas.

The vision of AmCham EU is to be:

  • The most effective advocacy force in the EU;
  • The representation body for US business in the EU; and
  • A trusted discussion partner for European institutions and governments.

AmCham EU believes in deepening and widening the EU Single Market, achieving a low carbon economy, driving innovation, increasing trade and investment, and better preparing the workforce to meet future demands. By helping drive the transatlantic economy, AmCham EU shows it is heavily invested in and committed to Europe.

This membership-lead and membership driven organisation is currently chaired by Hendrik Bourgeois, Vice-President of European Affairs, GE. The Managing Director is Susan Danger, who oversees a secretariat of over 20 professional staff.

Policy Committees[edit]

  1. Agriculture & Food
  2. Competition Policy
  3. Consumer Affairs
  4. Customs & Trade Facilitation
  5. Digital Economy
  6. Employment & Social Affairs
  7. Environment
  8. EU Tax
  9. Financial Services & Company Law
  10. Healthcare
  11. Institutional Affairs
  12. Intellectual Property
  13. Presidency Group
  14. Security & Defence
  15. Trade & External Relations
  16. Transport, Energy & Climate

Advocacy and Communications[edit]

AmCham EU’s publications enjoy a wide distribution both in Brussels and throughout Europe. These publications include the EU Information Handbook, the EU Made Simple guide and several sectoral information brochures. In communicating its views to the institutions via position statements, publications, meetings, newsletters, its website and social networks, AmCham EU’s primary role continues to be the contribution to the development of policy and legislation at the drafting stage, thereby playing an important role in the development of Europe’s economy.


AmCham EU’s membership currently comprises more than 150 companies, the majority of which are US multinational corporations. Members include some of the world’s biggest brands and leading multinationals from across all industries and business sectors. Although 25% of the members are law firms and public affairs consultancies, there are also a small number of international corporations who have demonstrated strong US business links. More than 60% of AmCham EU’s corporate members are in the Fortune 500 list of top American companies.

American Chambers of Commerce in Europe (AmChams in Europe)[edit]

AmCham EU is a member of AmChams in Europe, which is a network of approximately 45 American Chambers of Commerce across Europe. Susan Danger is the Vice-Chair and AmCham EU currently hosts the AmChams in Europe secretariat. The Chair of ACE is Jake Slegers, Executive Director of AmCham Slovakia.

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