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The American Cheese Society (ACS) is a nonprofit organization promoting the United States cheese industry, founded by Frank Kosikowski of Cornell University. The group represents artisan cheesemakers, as distinct from American cheese types or "American" style processed cheese, and has advocated for the manufacture of raw milk cheese to be allowed in the United States.[1] The American Cheese Society issues awards recognizing fine cheeses. Since 1983 dairy famers, cheese makers, and buyers have attended the group's annual meetings.[2][3]


To promote & support American Cheeses manufacture and also provide education, training and networking support to enthusiasts in the art of cheese manufacture and production.[4]


The membership to ACS is available in 3 levels based on the proficiency of the individual.It is as follows:[5]

  1. Producer (professional)
  2. Trade affiliate (professional)
  3. Associate (non-professional: student and enthusiast levels)

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