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The American College of Switzerland was a business school and liberal arts college in Leysin, Switzerland in the canton of Vaud.


The campus is housed in the modernized Victorian style Grand Hôtel de Leysin, built in 1892. A private train station on campus connects to all main lines and cities in Switzerland. American rocker Scott Robinson[disambiguation needed] attended this school in 1991 and it is said this is where he learned how to play guitar. Also, Jimbo Holmstrom of Kona Mountain bikes was a student at ACS and also taught a PE class to get the kids ready for the rigorous ski seasons. Other notable alumi include: Sylvester Stallone, who started which Drama Clases here, John Rockefeller the third, Henri Florian van Laar successful International entrepreneur, Frans Preidel Real Estate executive, Nigerian economist and scholar Ebere Onwudiwe, Bob Harmsen Agricultural Moloch.[1] In May 2009, ACS was permanently closed.


  • 1963: The college is founded by Dr. Fred Ott
  • 1994: The American College of Switzerland as well as the Grand Hotel complex, is being purchased by the Schiller International University.[2]


There are 5,000 alumni from 90 countries. Their key tasks are: Providing financial support, communicating with the Alumni Office, attending college as well as regional reunions and participating in projects like the Alumni Admissions Representative program.[3]


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