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The American College of Switzerland was a business school and liberal arts college in Leysin, Switzerland in the canton of Vaud.


The campus is housed in the modernized Victorian style Grand Hôtel de Leysin, built in 1892. A private train station on campus connects to all main lines and cities in Switzerland. American rocker Scott Robinson[disambiguation needed] attended this school in 1991 and it is said this is where he learned how to play guitar. Also, Jimbo Holmstrom of Kona Mountain bikes was a student at ACS and also taught a PE class to get the kids ready for the rigorous ski seasons. Other notable alumi include: Sylvester Stallone, who started which Drama Clases here, John Rockefeller the third, Henri Florian van Laar successful International entrepreneur, Frans Preidel Real Estate executive, Nigerian economist and scholar Ebere Onwudiwe,.[1] In May 2009, ACS was permanently closed.


  • 1963: The college is founded by Dr. Fred Ott
  • 1994: The American College of Switzerland as well as the Grand Hotel complex, is being purchased by the Schiller International University.[2]


There are 5,000 alumni from 90 countries. Their key tasks are: Providing financial support, communicating with the Alumni Office, attending college as well as regional reunions and participating in projects like the Alumni Admissions Representative program.[3]


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