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The American Combat Association is a small mixed martial arts company founded by Olympic wrestler, world Abu Dhabi champion and UFC fighter Kamal Shalorus[1] and competitive submission grappler, professional mixed martial arts fighter, American professional wrestler and trainer Matthew "The Granimal" Granahan.[2] [1]


The ACA is dedicated to preserving traditional martial arts in America and has received recognition for returning to the roots of American mixed martial arts from the Godfather of Grappling Gene Lebell and New Revolution Grappling[3] [2] whose motto is "traditional values, modern tactics" The ACA hosted their first live event in April 2009 in Sanford, Florida[4] [3] The ACA is also sponsoring World's Collide, the first ever mixed martial arts event in South Carolina. South Carolina recently legalized mma and the World's Collide event will be a combination of boxing and mixed martial arts [4] Erik Paulson also appears on the American Combat Association website and Erik recently finished a book with ACA President Granimal on the History of American Submission Wrestling called Rough and Tumble. [5] The organization also certified individuals and mma academies in SICS or Shalorus Integrated Combat Systems [6]

The organization is headquartered in South Carolina[5]

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