American Crystallographic Association

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American Crystallographic Association, Inc.
Abbreviation ACA
Motto Structure Matters
Formation 1949
Legal status Scientific Organisation
Purpose Promote interactions among scientists who study the structure of matter at atomic resolution
Headquarters Buffalo, NY
2,200 in > 60 countries
Prof. Martha Teeter
Dr Christopher Cahill

The American Crystallographic Association, Inc. (ACA) is a non-profit, scientific organization for scientists who study the structure of matter via crystallographic methodologies. Since its founding in 1949 it has amassed over 2000 members worldwide.

The association meets annually in July and has several interest groups dealing with specific aspects of crystallography, including fiber diffraction, neutron scattering and powder diffraction.

A quarterly magazine, called ACA RefleXions, is published in addition to a scholarly journal, Transactions of the ACA.[citation needed]

The association presents several awards[1]

Past presidents[edit]

Past presidents of the association include:[citation needed]

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