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American Esperantist was a North American Esperanto-language publication founded in January 1907 as Amerika Esperantista Revuo. It was originally published by the Amerika Esperantista Asocio ("American Esperanto Society"), a national association formed by Boston Esperantists in March 1905.

Meanwhile, in October 1906, Arthur Baker, of the American Esperantist Company, had founded another magazine, Amerika Esperantisto,[1] in Oklahoma City. The company was a specialized publisher and vendor of Esperanto materials and was dedicated to the promotion of Esperanto.

In 1908 at its first national convention, in Chautauqua, New York, the Amerika Esperantista Asocio was renamed as Esperantista Asocio de Norda Ameriko (EANA). Publication of Amerika Esperantista Revuo ceased, and the American Esperantist Company's Amerika Esperantisto became its official organ.[2]

With the decline of the EANA and rise of the Esperanto League for North America, Amerika Esperantisto eventually ceased publication during the 1950s.

Editors have included Arthur Baker, Ivy Kellerman and J. J. Süssmuth.


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