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The American Film Institute Awards 2007 honored the ten most influential American motion pictures and television shows of 2007, chosen by juries assembled by the American Film Institute. The lists were announced on December 16, 2007.

Both lists are in alphabetical order;[1] quotes from the jury rationales follow each film[2] or television series.[3]


Television programs[edit]

  • 30 Rock ("establishes Tina Fey as one of the true talents of her generation")
  • Dexter ("stories that are wildly ambitious, intricately told, and deeply, emotionally engaging")
  • Everybody Hates Chris ("provides a very real look at growing up in America - a challenge that demands a discussion of race and class often absent from television today")
  • Friday Night Lights ("a celebration of small-town Texas truth, a paean to the hopes and dreams of a community")
  • Longford ("impeccably scripted and directed, this telling of a true tale will echo across the ages in the performances of Jim Broadbent and Samantha Morton")
  • Mad Men ("hypnotic time capsule brilliantly captures 1960s Madison Avenue, along with all the discomfort that hides in the dark corners of nostalgia")
  • Pushing Daisies ("bounds with endless invention, a stunning visual palette, and a team of actors who revel in the surprises that come to life in each episode")
  • The Sopranos ("delivered the goods in its final season and, in doing so, cemented its place in the pantheon of American television")
  • Tell Me You Love Me ("pulls back the covers on "happily ever after" and offers an unblinking look at life's most intimate moments")
  • Ugly Betty ("campy, catty and adorably over the top")


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