American Foreign Policy Council

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American Foreign Policy Council
Abbreviation AFPC
Formation 1982
Type U.S. foreign policy think tank
Headquarters Washington, DC, United States

The American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) is an American conservative[1] non-profit U.S. foreign policy think tank operating in Washington, D.C., since 1982. Its foreign and defense policy specialists provide information to members of US Congress, the Executive Branch, and the US policymaking community, as well as world leaders outside the US (particularly in the former USSR).

In addition, AFPC publishes strategic reports and other reports monitoring the policy progress of other countries from a conservative standpoint (particularly Russia, China, countries in the Middle East and in Asia). Common topics include security (missile defense, arms control, energy security, espionage) as well as the ongoing status of democracy and market economies in countries of interest.


  1. ^ AFPC, on an AFPC delegation to the Soviet Union: "such meetings will permit Soviets to have a greater knowledge of conservative thinking in the U.S. ..." - American Foreign Policy Council, 9 September 1991, Delegation Travels to Moscow and Kiev to Meet with Top Soviet Officials (Archived by WebCite at

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