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The American Go Association (AGA) was founded in 1935 to promote the board game of Go in the United States.[1] Founded by chess master Edward Lasker and some friends at Chumley's restaurant in New York City, the AGA is one of the oldest Western Go associations. The AGA publishes a weekly online newsletter that reaches more than 13,000 subscribers worldwide, The American Go E-Journal, and an annual Yearbook; maintains a national rating system; organizes an annual national event, The US Go Congress; selects North American representatives in international tournaments; and provides support to its members and chapters as they promote Go in their communities. Events for youth have also been established including tournaments and an annual AGA youth summer camp that features instruction from professional players. The AGA has developed a set of rules that attempts to reconcile difference between "area"-based rule sets and "territory"-based rule sets, and participates actively in an international committee trying to establish a unified worldwide set of rules.

As a member of the International Go Federation, which in turn belongs to SportAccord, the AGA is the official organization responsible for managing and promoting Go in the United States.

AGA City League A 2013[edit]


Round 1[edit]

January 26, 2013

Round 2[edit]

February 24, 2013

Round 3[edit]

March 17, 2013

Round 4[edit]

March 31, 2013

Round 5[edit]

April 28, 2013

Round 6[edit]

May 12, 2013

Round 7[edit]

May 26, 2013

Round 8[edit]

June 16, 2013

Round 9[edit]

June 30, 2013

Round 10[edit]

July 14, 2013

AGA City League A 2014[edit]


Round 1[edit]

January 25, 2014

Round 2[edit]

February 22, 2014

Round 3[edit]

March 29, 2014

Round 4[edit]

April 26, 2014

Round 5[edit]

May 17, 2014


Team Win Lose Rank
Canwa Vancouver 5 0 1
Seattle 4 1 2
Greater Washington 3 2 3
Boston 2 3 4
Los Angeles 1 4 5
Toronto, ON 0 5 6

AGA Professional Players[edit]

  • 2012: Andy Liu 1P and Gansheng Shi 1P
  • 2014: Calvin Sun 1P

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