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American Hunters and Shooters Association
Type Lobby
Region served USA

The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), founded in 2005, was a small United States-based non-profit group, which has set itself apart from other gun owner organizations by advocating for increased gun control. Critics questioned the legitimacy of the group, including whether the membership was composed of or representative of gun owners, or was merely a front organization for misleading political endorsements.[1][2] The group endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008 after announcing that he would be attending a skeet shoot sponsored by them in Colorado. However AHSA head Ray Schoenke stated Obama did not attend the event. Schoenke said AHSA was intended to bridge the gap between urban liberals and rural gun owners and did many events in support of Obama, but had to close down due to a lack of membership.[3]


The AHSA described itself as "... a national grassroots organization committed to safe and responsible gun ownership" and "... a mainstream group of hunters who are looking to belong to a gun owners association that doesn't have a radical agenda."[4] According to information from a 2005 deposition, the group had fewer than 150 dues-paying individual members.[5]

The AHSA billed itself as a moderate, common-sense advocacy organization. It favored most restrictions on firearms, but believed that little progress will be made until gun owners are allowed to bring their common-sense perspective to the table.[6] In March 2008, Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke stated that he saw his organization's issues "as complementary to" those of the AHSA.[7] The National Rifle Association (NRA) and other pro-gun organizations criticized the AHSA for its members' associations with other gun-control organizations and gun-control legislation. NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox characterized the AHSA as "the latest front group for the anti-gun movement."[8]

Despite the similarity in name, AHSA had no ties to the field marksmanship promoting organization, the Hunter's Shooting Association(HSA).


In June 2006, Executive Director Bob Ricker formally introduced AHSA at a press conference at the annual conference of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.[9] Mr. Ricker proclaimed at this conference that the NRA and other 2nd Amendment rights organizations did not address the specific concerns of hunters - protecting hunting lands and wildlife habitats - which led to the creation of AHSA.[10] In 2007, President Ray Schoenke addressed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition.[11] As of October 19, 2010 The AHSA website has been taken down. President Schoenke stated that the group was closed because of lack of membership.[3]

Stated goals[edit]

The AHSA web site indicated four general programs:[12]

  • "Protecting our sporting heritage"
  • "Hunting and fishing conservation"
  • "Gun safety"
  • "Law enforcement training, outreach and development"


The leaders of the AHSA were[citation needed]:

  • Ray Schoenke, Founding President. A former football player for the Washington Redskins, Schoenke ran for Governor of Maryland in 1998 as a Democrat. He is a millionaire and has contributed to numerous Democratic politicians and causes.[13] Schoenke has donated to Handgun Control, Inc., which actively lobbies to ban some types of firearms,[14] and he was on the Maryland Governor's Commission on Gun Violence in 1996.[15]
  • Joseph J. Vince, Jr., a member of the Board of Directors is the former chief of the BATF's crime guns analysis branch. Currently, he is a principal of Crime Gun Solutions. Crime Gun Solutions has worked for the Brady Center, providing data analysis supportive of the Federal Assault Weapons Act,[16] and has provided ballistics evidence and analysis in lawsuits against firearm dealers.[17] He was a signer on a letter submitted to Congress opposing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act[18]
  • Jody Powell, co-chairman of the AHSA Advisory Board
  • A. Austin Dorr, co-chairman of the AHSA Advisory Board

Endorsement of political candidates[edit]

The AHSA endorsed U.S. Senator Barack Obama for President in the 2008 General Election:[19] AHSA endorsed Obama based mainly on Obama's vote for the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act.[20]

The AHSA endorsed the following Congressional candidates:

  • Jim Esch [D] (Nebraska - District 2)[21]
  • Eric Massa [D] (New York - District 29)[22]
  • Walt Minnick [D] (Idaho - District 1)[23]
  • Harry Teague [D] (New Mexico - District 2)[24] - Harry Teague's campaign declined the endorsement.[25]

Position in D.C. v Heller (2008)[edit]

AHSA joined in the amicus curiae brief of Maj. Gen. John D. Altenburg, Jr., et al., in the Supreme Court case of D.C. v Heller, arguing that the individual right of the people to keep and bear arms enhances the collective goal of supporting national defense, and that the dichotomy between individual right argued by Heller and collective militia right argued by D.C. is false: the Second Amendment protects both.[26]


  • ASHA officials testified in favor of gun control legislation, such as Washington State Bill SB-5197, which aims to restrict private transactions at gun shows and create a database of gun owners.[28]
  • Two of the AHSA endorsed candidates for Congress received low ratings by the NRA, with Massa receiving a "C" and Minnick a "D+". Only one AHSA endorsed candidate, Teague, has received an "A" rating from the NRA. However, this was an "AQ" rating which means it is based solely on the NRA questionnaire. The grade disparity between the organizations is large enough to be called into question.[33]
  • The AHSA claimed to be a non-partisan organization.[34]
  • In 2008, the Obama campaign paid for Shoenke to travel to 40 events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado to address pro-gun voters.[35]

Gun control activities of AHSA leadership[edit]

  • Bob Ricker, former Executive Director of the AHSA, was a former NRA employee who began supporting some groups advocating restrictions on the ownership and use of firearms and has testified as an expert witness against the firearms industry in multiple court cases.[citation needed]
  • John E. Rosenthal, a founding member of AHSA who left in 2007,[36] is one of the founders of Stop Handgun Violence, a group which has been influential in instituting strong restrictions on the ownership of firearms in the state of Massachusetts.[37]
  • Schoenke has donated over $10,000 to the Brady Campaign, a national organization which advocates strong restrictions on the ownership of firearms and the banning of many common types of firearms.[38][39]


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